Friday, February 8, 2013

fosdem demo

Last weekend was fosdem, where I showed a few more things working on freedreno (compiz, q3a).  The recording of the talk is provided by phoronix.  Although unfortunately the mic was closer to the audience than me (and I'm not really a loud speaker), and the camera remained pointed at the projector while I was showing the demo, so you miss the exciting bits.

So I re-ran the demo and captured it with my advanced cinematic skillz, and without the backlight hickups which plagued the original demo (but had nothing to do with freedreno... have I mentioned before that drivers/video/msm is made of fail?).

Full video here.

I still need to fix support for mip-map textures (which you may have noticed in the q3a part), and there are a couple rendering bugs with the unity plugin in compiz, but at least the other compiz plugins I've tried so far seem fine.  Until now I have not put much (or really, any) focus on performance and there is definitely some low hanging fruit on the performance front.  Unfortunately some of the issues, like proper synchronization between xorg and gl/dri2 client, and flipping rather than doing fullscreen presentation blits, will I think require a proper drm kernel driver.  Although I suspect there is room for some compiler optimization and a few other things.

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