Sunday, May 19, 2013

gallium a3xx es2gears

So, I've been working on the freedreno gallium support for adreno a3xx  for the past few weeks or so, and now it is starting to take shape:

 The full video here.

The code is on the a3xx branch on github.. still has a ways got go before I'm ready to go upstream with it, but now we're getting into the fun bits :-)

Special thanks to Benjamin Tissoires for getting the touchscreen going for me on the nexus4.


  1. That's very cool.

    Can this theoretically allow us to make wayland and native Linux apps run with this driver?

    1. well, it is still a bit early days on a3xx. But with a220, I can run gnome-shell, xonotic, etc (native linux, gl+glx).

      For wayland, or at least weston, we need a kms kernel driver, which is still missing. But if qcom doesn't write one soon, I will :-P

  2. Rob, I have been lurking for a while watching how your progress has been coming. I am working on a project to build a camera based on Snapdragon. There are many benefits that I see in doing this.

    I would really like to use Fedora, as it would make porting our applications to the camera much easier.

    One challenge I have is finding an appropriate imager. Need a 5MP with WDR which does not have an integrated lens. We need to have flexibility of choosing lens like using a CS mount. Any suggestions?

    Camera will support H.264 RTSP streaming per ONVIF specification. Hoping we can use the a3xx GPU to offload encode. Comments?

    1. Hi Bob,

      I don't really know too much of cameras, so probably not too much help there. I expect the dedicated hw h264 encoding will do a better job than trying to use the gpu itself. I've not played with the omx video encode/decode stuff that qcom has for android... although as far as I can tell we have all the kernel and userspace src code (ie. everything but firmware), so I suppose it should be possible to use that under linux.