Sunday, June 2, 2013

freedreno + gnome-shell on nexus4/a320

We don't need no binary blobz :-)

gallium/freedreno + xf86-video-freedreno using XA gallium state tracker on fedora F18.  Gnome-shell, compiz, xonontic, ioquake all work.  Just need to clean up the patches for XA and freedreno a bit more before they are ready for upstream.  And hopefully in the next couple days I'll have some time to put together a sort of make-shift installer for anyone else who wants to try.


  1. Good job!

    BTW. Is the freedreno driver usable for Adriod as well? Or am I talking @#$#!@#$ ?

    I'd love to give my HTC Wildfire (Buzz) a little more life. Which is now laying still.

    1. hmm, quick google search indicates the wildfire/MSM7225 has no GPU.. so freedreno might not help much there ;-)

    2. Uhm. I was talking @#$#!@#$. ;-(

      Sorry. Was looking at MSM7227.

      But anyhow: does your driver work for Android as well?

    3. well, mesa does have some support to build for android, but I have never tried it myself.

  2. That's some fast progress. Cheers to you (and all the others working on ARM GPU stuff, that's an important front).

  3. Congratulation Rob !

    That's pretty amazing - and very exciting :) Now, I need to get one of these : :)