Sunday, November 27, 2011

Catchin up..

just catching up on some news since last posting:

First, TI/OMAP PPA for ubuntu 11.10 now contains support for hw video codecs via DCE and gst-ducati. (decoders: h264, mpeg4, mpeg2, vc1; encoders: h264, mpeg4). Yah!

But lately I've been mostly working on omapdrm, a DRM/KMS display driver for omap, corresponding X11 driver (xf86-video-omap). The kernel driver is now queued up in the staging tree for 3.3. But not forgetting multimedia, I've been also working (as a linaro assignee) on extending dri2 protocol for more efficient video rendering (see linux-video.pdf) and
UMM/dmabuf for sharing buffers between multiple devices (camera+drm, or multiple drm devices for a prime type setup).

And lastly, been doing some hacking trying to get xbmc working nicely with the hw video codecs for hw accel hd playback.. but more on that shortly when I have something work.