Monday, June 25, 2012

First renders

Just a quick update about the freedreno project.. after a month or so of not having much time to work on it due to travel and other projects, last weekend I finally had some time to spend on 3d and fdre, a simple library to drive the gpu (similar to limare) and some test apps, and now we have first renders for a few simple test apps.



and triangle-smoothed:

The shaders are currently just binary, extracted via cffdump from egl/gles test apps written to use the same shaders.  And for now I'm sticking to smaller render target sizes which can be handled in a single pass without resorting to binning (basically splitting the render up into parts that can each fit within the built in GMEM).

It is of course a long ways from a full blown mesa driver, but I'm making some good progress on figuring out the command stream.  No where near the progress of the lima guys, who already have textures working and are pretty far on the vertex and shader compilers.